En Primera Fila con Cristian Castro

*Article published in Kesta Happening Magazine on October 2013 edition*

There are three things that are common among all Latinos and never fail to get us all worked up commenting left and right.  First you have your sports, Copa Mundial 2014 here we come!  Then you have your beauty queens and beauty pageants Miss Universe anyone?  And finally, you have entertainment and music family legacies.  We don’t have royal weddings or monarchy chisme to follow so we make up for it with following those families that have the entertainment business in their history for decades.

De una cuna de oro to a world stage, Cristian Castro fulfills his family legacy of entertainment, sex appeal and persona. Considered as a prince of México’s entertainment history, Cristian is the son of renowned actress and singer Verónica Castro and actor-comedian Manuel “El Loco” Valdés.  Did we mention his uncle is Ramón Valdés a.k.a. Don Ramón from El Chavo del Ocho!  Talent runs deep in this family and it runs in his blood.  From a very young age Cristan was exposed to the lifestyle that comes with a career in the entertainment business as his acting debut was in 1981 at the age of six with his mother Verónica Castro in the telenovela El Derecho de Naceer where he played the character of Alberto.

Fast forward to the early nineties and Cristian arrives on the airwaves with the release of his second album “Un Segundo en el Tiempo” which gave him his first number 1 single, “Nunca Voy a Olvidarte.”  Cristian’s career took off and shortly after this album the golden haired, hazel eyed Prince from México City became a teen idol and sex symbol throughout Latin America and Europe.  The curious thing about this phase that not many people know is that Cristian was a smart artist. He chose to work with some of the biggest names in Latin music to arrange, compose and collaborate with in his albums.  Artists like Juan Gabriel, Raúl Di Blasio and hit making producers Kike Santander and Emilio Estefan were among the chosen to help him grow his career.  These collaborations and wise production choices would be the elements that helped him become the third most successful Latin artist in the music industry, with 29 hits on the Billboard charts and over 12 million albums sold worldwide.

Although his musical style is mostly that of the pop genre, Cristian Castro has evolved his sound and produced multiple albums that vary greatly both in sound and vocal styling.  Songs like “Lloran Las Rosas” show Cristian’s range into more of a rock sound and is a throwback to his short lived rock band days with the group Deca. His album “El Indomable” put him in the Mariachi genre with a full length album dedicated to this style of his home, México.  As a tribute to one of his idols and one of the most respected artists in the world, Cristian recorded “Viva el Principe” a tribute album to the music of José José.  Among his stand out albums and collaborations we have to mention his participation in the Spanish version of the Disney movie, Mulan, where he voiced the character of Shang and contributed two songs to the movie soundtrack.  Celebrating the life of the late Tejano superstar Selena, he was featured a version of Selena’s classic “Como la Flor” which after its release became a radio hit.

As we have established, Cristian is not afraid of collaborations or trying out new sounds.  This last year has brought along some of the most interesting collaborations and projects he has done so far.  Recording with Bachata sensations Karlos Rose and former Aventura member Henry Santos, Cristian has crossed over into the realm of Bachata music and connected with a new generation of fans.

His ability to interpret a song is enviable as well as his natural talent to sing.  Cristian’s sensibility with which he connects his emotions to his songs is a defining element in his career, one that allows his fans to connect with his music, in any tempo in which he performs the audience is engaged and in love with his voice.  This ability to connect has given birth to his newest project “Primera Fila”, an album featuring his biggest hits performed and recorded in front of a live audience.  This format of Primera Fila is a very prestigious album to have.  Only the biggest Latin artists have been invited to perform and have their Primera Fila albums released.  Artists like Vicente Fernández, Thalía, Franco DeVita and Miguel Mateos are among the high profile artists that are part of the “Primera Fila” circle of recording artists.

With “Primera Fila” Cristian has yet again taken over the radio airwaves with his upbeat and pop single “Enamorados”, a song that has been on the top of the Latin Billboard tracks consecutively.  In “Primera Fila”, his performance album recorded in front of a live audience in Los Angeles, you will find amazing guest artists like:  Leonel García (Sin Bandera), Reik, Ha*Ash and hs mother Verónica Castro, on the medly “Aprendí a Llorar/Ven” a moment that is one for the history books.

The Washington D.C. metro area will have it’s own moment for the history books this month when Cristian arrives at The Fillmore Silver Spring on October 30th for an intimate show filled with his biggest hits and his powerhouse voice.

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