Carlos Vives: Making Summer Memories, Como Le Gusta A Mi Pueblo

*Article published in Kesta Happening Magazine on June 2013*

Of all the seasons of the year, summer is the most unforgettable.   It hosts glistening beaches and ritzy rivers, sizzling sunshine and fruity drinks. The sound of music is everywhere you go. What’s not to love about summer?  Summer also marks the start of one very important thing: SUMMER CONCERTS!  Every year, music transforms into the soundtrack of your memory. There’s nothing else like a summer concert. They’re unforgettable and this summer is no exception.

If you listen closely, in the distance, the percussion is chanting your name. Listen closer and you’ll hear the wailing of an acordeón whose melodies tug on your heartstrings, sending chills down your spine.   And it doesn’t even stop there.  Close your eyes and put yourself in surround sound. You’ll hear THE voice of summer right in front of you.  Yes!  That voice from Colombia that transports us to our youth, making us smile the widest smile we can.  You heard right DMV, the sound of summer is here! And el maestro Carlos Vives, le pone el ritmo y sabor to your summer days with his Como Le Gusta A Mi Pueblo Tour on July 24th!

His endless love for his roots, his culture and his eternal passion for life makes Carlos Vivesthe voice of the season.  His music will transport you, rendering childhood daydreams of when life was easy. No matter where you come from, Vives knows how to get you back home. His musical career is over twenty years strong and his newest project brings Carlos back to the spotlight and back into our homes.  To arrive now at Corazón Profundo, we look back at Carlos Vives’ long and winding journey that celebrates the road of discovery, of life and love for his land, Colombia.

La Provincia, La Tierra Del Olvido & The Vives Sound

Calos Vives has spent time with his hands in the fire – acting on stage, on television and producing television.  His success in various telenovelas and shows landed him the role of Vallenato composer Rafael Escalona in a television musical on the life of Escalona.  When Carlos recorded the soundtrack for the musical it rekindled the spark inside him for his love of music.  This spark would later be known as Clásicos de la Provincia, an album that shocked Colombians to the core with his new take on traditional songs with a fusion of styles and arrangements that gave the classics a new life.

The fusion we heard in Clásicos de la Provincia turned Carlos Vives into the man responsible for putting Colombian Vallenato sounds in mainstream radio. He took Paisa music around the globe with the success of his follow up album, La Tierra del Olvido. Labeled by critics as the most important album in the Colombian music industry in the last 50 years, it is without a doubt, one of the best Latin music albums ever made. It’s powerful, influential and honest.

Déjame Entrar into a Corazón Profundo

His fusion of Vallenato, Cumbia, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and Pop came together to create a genre known today as Tropi Pop.  This fusion earned Vives the first Grammy ever awarded to a Colombian artist.  His success grew with each new album and their respective standout tracks.  El Amor de Mi Tierra is best known for the singles “Fruta Fresca”, “19 de Noviembre” and “El Amor De Mi Tierra.”  Later followed Déjame Entrar, that earned him his first Anglo and Latin Grammy award.  In 2004 Carlos returned with El Rock De Mi Pueblo which featured the chart topping “Como Tu”.  Each record enhanced his sound and lyrics allowing us to grow along with Carlos and explore all of the elements that make his sound so close to el corazón latino.

Carlos is out touring his newest project, Corazón Profundo.  This albums features “Volví A Nacer” and “Como Le Gusta A Tu Cuerpo” which have become the summer anthems of 2013.  Corazón Profundo pulsates to the beat of Colombian percussion and is complimented with masterful acordeón that is so brilliant you can’t help but think it’s speaking to you. This is an album that is true to the Vives style we all know and love: Paisa, Alegría y Pasión.

The Vives Legacy

Carlos Vives has become a synonym for the word Colombia.  His music takes his audience on a trip through the paisajes and culture of the land of Colombia.  The love and pride he feels for his country is an infectious and contagious feeling that warms the soul and fills the heart of every person his music reaches. You cannot talk about Colombia without mentioning Carlos Vives. This man’s story is set in stone. And his Legacy will live on forever.  Some of the biggest Latin music stars today cite Vivesas an influence.  Both Juanes and Fonseca have cited the album Clásicos de la Provincia as a benchmark in their sound and musical identity.  Shakira has also talked about the Vives influence, most noticeable in her vocals on the Pies Descalzos album and Julieta Venegas’ accordion playing and use of the instrument is a clear result of the Vives sound influence.

New generations know the side of Carlos as the judge on The Voice Colombia.  Other generations know him as the man that covered “La Gota Fría” and revived Colombian music.  If you belong to my generation, you know who Mayté is and danced many times to that beat.  Independently of how you know his music or how you recognize his sound, kick off your summer with Carlos Vives at The Patriot Center on July 24.  We guarantee this show will become one of your favorite summer concert memories!


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