A Night to Remember with Juanes @ Wolf Trap

With a 14 piece band including a full wind section that gave his songs a very tropical and summery flair, Juanes stepped on stage to the tune of “Fíjate Bien”.  Classics like “La Paga”, “La Camisa Negra” and “A Dios Le Pido” got the crowd on their feet dancing and singing along to each and every word.  Juanes kept us on our toes with new songs and also some cover songs that added another layer to the show.  Bob Marley’s classic “Could You Be Loved” received the Juanes touch and Joe Arroyo’s masterpiece “Rebelión” was performed with gusto by the Colombian superstar and euphorically received.   No elaborate stage setups or crazy light shows were needed because Juanes and his music shined for themselves.  Performing with his heart on his sleeve (and new look to compliment) Juanes gave his all on stage and even walked and sang into the crowd, giving us all a night to remember.

*Review published in Kesta Happening Magazine in the July 2013 edition*


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