The Magnanimous Recap!


For what feels like a century since my last post, many things have changed since them.  New job, new digs and slew of new shows.  My last recap was that of the Miguel Mateos show at the Fillmore.  So let’s get this recap started…


Since that bucket list moment,  I rang in the new year with a massive Spring concert series.  The ever handsome David Bisbal at the Warner Theatre made me swoon and wonder how he keeps those curls so perfect?  From there I went off to see La Universidad de la Salsa El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. Truly a must see for any music lover.  These guys schooled everyone on how to get a crowd rolling and how to dominate a stage.

March ended with a mind blowing set by up and coming Perú natives Bareto.  Estos manes, wow, puro party!  The fact they were transmitting the joy and fun they were having by playing at the Howard, made the vibe that much stronger.  Their blend of cumbia, reggae, ska and rock are interwoven into a musical trance that will have you at your feet in no time and dancing so much, you will be hurting the next day.  These guys are definitely ones to watch!


Bareto @ The Howard Theatre
Photo by: Ze Rafael

April: AlterLatino Month

April was known as AlterLatino month  What a month!  We kicked it off with an intimate showcase by nü-cumbia masterminds Palenke Soultribe.  After Palenke, it was Bajofondo‘s turn to blow our minds.  The 9:30 club was the perfect venue to host these electro-tango, nuvo-tango group that is spearheaded by the one and only Gustavo Santaolalla.  To be able to share the room with this man was a moment I will never ever forget.


Gustavo Santaolalla, Bajofondo
Photo by: Miriam Jave, Kesta Happening DC

Show number 2 of AlterLatino month was with DC favorites, Ozomatli. That was not a show, that was an exorcism.  The beats, the voice and the music got me dancing, jumping and singing in ways that I had never felt before, I truly left all my bad vibes at the door that night.  Super fun show!  After chanting Ozo, Ozo, Ozo to our heart’s content, we went to see some “Venezuelan Gozadera” with Los Amigos Invisibles.  Anything but invisible!


Los Amigos Invisibles
Photo by: Juan Luis Gonzalez, Kesta Happening DC

An explosion of sound, bass and colors, truly a trip for the senses.  You can’t help but want to get on stage and kick it with these guys.  I will hands down be going to see them again next time they come to DC.  To close AlterLatino month, we hit up with some “Caribbean Power” with Colombia’s Bomba Estéreo.


Bomba Estéreo
Photo by: Miriam Jave, Kesta Happening DC

Passion, power and punch are the best words to describe this band and trendsetters in the ElectroCumbia genre.

As we said goodbye to AlterLatino month, we welcomed the warmer side of Spring with another dose of Colombia’s finest.  None other than Fonseca!  To a sold-out house at The Howard Theatre, Fonsca did two shows in one night, pretty impressive.


Photo by: Miriam Jave, Kesta Happening DC

The best part was that both shows were equally spectacular and none skimped on music, passion or energy.

Photo by: The Incognito Latina

BONUS: He signed autographs for some lucky fans right on stage (myself included.)

May: A mixing pot of musical sounds

If April was AlterLatino month, May was the bipolar brother of AltLatino.  What does that mean? A little bit of everything jam packed into 31 days of music pleasure.  I think the best way to recap this month is by viewing the pictures and judging for yourself how much of an awesome month this was.

Jarabe de Palo: Piano y Voz


Pau Donés, Jarabe de Palo
Photo by: Miriam Jave, Kesta Happening DC

Pau Donés presented the classic love songs from Jarabe’s catalogue with a soulful stripped down interpretation.


Pau Donés, Jarabe De Palo
Photo by: Miriam Jave, Kesta Happening DC

If you didn’t tear up at this show, you have no heart! Seriously.


My inner teen came alive and fulfilled a lifetime moment by meeting the members of Korn, one of my favorite Nu Metal bands.  The setlist was amazing.


Photo by: Ze Rafael, Kesta Happening DC

To see these guys at a venue like The Fillmore was a special treat, we all felt close to the stage and the energy was balls to the wall.


Photo by: Ze Rafael, Kesta Happening Magazine

I hate to use the word, but I have to; epic.  Simply epic.  Bagpipes and everything.

Mago de Oz:


Mago de Oz
Photo by: Ze Rafael, Kesta Happening Magazine


Mago De Oz
Photo by: Ze Rafael

From Nu Metal we went to Spanish metal.  Mago de Oz was a trip both visually and musically.

Daddy Yankee:


Daddy Yankee
Photo by: Kesta Happening DC


Daddy Yankee
Photo by: Kesta Happening DC

Yes, this is a reggaeton show.  But it’s Daddy Yankee and there is a reason why he is the Big Boss and I have no qualms, embarrassment or regrets of going to see this Latin music icon.

Pretty rad kick off to 2013 wouldn’t you say?  I like to think so.

More to come in the next recap are:  Doctor Krapula, LAMC, Juanes, Locos Por Juana, Carlos Vives, Enanitos Verdes and Vilma Palma.


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