Double Shot of Latin Rock: Anexo Social & Apuesta Por El Rock Alumbra Nights

Anexo Social at Zeba

This month, we ran through town to catch two amazing back to back shows right here in D.C.  True to the statement that D.C. is a Rockin’ city, first we went to Zeba Lounge to see the band Anexo Social.  This was the first time Zeba featured a band at their renovated second floor.

Anexo Social is a local DC band that always manages to make people stop what they are doing and listen to their stories, the songs and the melodies that are always part of their performance.  Anexo’s main goal is to give a voice to those that are neglected and set aside and forgotten by society.


Their songs speak of equality and justice in a way that we can all find a commonality that allows the listener to realize that they are not alone, just listen to the song “No Cambiaré” and you will understand what this group is all about.  By the end of the night, you will  be singing along, dancing and asking where and when is their next show.

Apuesta Por El Rock Presents: Alumbra Nights


As I mentioned in my previous post, Apuesta Por El Rock started off 2013 with a brand new type of event.  Alumbra Nights, a monthly gathering that focuses on providing music from all genres by live DJ’s and also featuring performances from local and out of state bands brought in for special performances.  This month, Alumbra was hosted at Marx Café, a local house of rock here in DC.



Capitata, from New Jersey was the invited band of choice for the series kickoff at Marx. To an almost packed house, Apuesta’s Alumbra Nights was a successful event that had a little bit of everything for everyone.  From Rock En Español classic tracks to ska, electro pop, brit pop and reggae roots everyone that was there had a good time and listened to some awesome tunes.


Click on the links to see some pictures from the show at

Zeba Lounge with Anexo Social

and here for more pictures from Alumbra Nights.

Be sure to check the Facebook pages of Apuesta Por El Rock and Anexo Social for more information and show listings.


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