Why Didn’t They Make It Big?

In Puerto Rico, there are many bands that unfortunately fit this statement. Stuck in the mindset that “lo de aquí no es igual de bueno que lo extrangero”, the rock movement was kept alive by a devout group of faithfuls that would eat, sleep, drink and bleed for local bands that had amazing potential and talent. These bands developed a cult following and each show was like a family gathering.

West side rock was more laid back and overall sound driven; much more into the indie and experimental vibe.  The metro rock scene was more of your typical “glitzy”, stage show driven performances but also held their own in the experimental and cross media integration.  The South always fought to prove that they were “more hardcore” and equal, if not better, than the metro scene.  The East coast scene had a little bit of everything going on as did the central part of the island.  The thing was that at the end of the day, no matter what scene you were into or what band you were therefore, you went to the shows and supported good music.

Icaro Azul

Icaro Azul

One of my favorite bands that I wish had “made it big” is Icaro Azul.  A unique blend of alt-rock soul, Euro rock sounds and Latin American bohemian undertones, Icaro Azul stood out largely in due part to their magnetic stage performance and lead singer Ana Cristina’s soul-piercing vocals.  Icaro was a beloved band in the scene during the late 90s and mid 2000.  Followed by all types of music aficionados, Icaro always played to packed houses leaving their heart on their sleeve and talent on stage as an offering for those in attendance.  The band managed to record and release various EP’s and albums throughout the years but to this day is Y La Noche Gritaba is still my favorite album in their catalog.


y la noche gritabaI came to know Icaro into their later years while attending college when I happened to catch their show at the student center one Wednesday afternoon on my way to class.  The music just captivated my attention in a way that stopped me right in my tunenl vision tracks and made me pay attention to what was going on.  Let’s just say I never made it across campus for the lecture on Maslow (not that I was really looking forward to it anyway).  Because I was still in school and didn’t own a car I was never able to go to the West side to catch their live performances.  That later changed when I met fellow Icaro fans in my city and we all made the trek to the metro area to see the band live.  Those few shows we managed to catch are still embedded in my memory and still stand as some of my most favorite musical memories.  I remember the feeling of hearing the music and seeing how it captivated the audience.  I remember coming to understand the power of live music and how Icaro landed me on a path of musical discovery in my homeland that if not for them, I would have never found the two biggest influences in my music passion and life.


For now, I’d like to share some of my favorite Icaro tracks available on SoundCloud.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did then and still do now!


Do you have a band you always wished “made it big”?  That band that you thought had amazing talent and didn’t understand how more didn’t people know about them?  Leave your comment below and links to their music for us to get to know them!


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