El Jefe Miguel Mateos Visits The Fillmore Silver Spring

Thanksgiving is all about family, food and well, being thankful.  This year, I am thankful for many, many blessings and amazing opportunities that have popped up these last 11 months of 2012.   I am also thankful for all of the bucket list items I have checked off my list this year.  Just check out my other posts on this blog to follow the list and the journey.




On November 21 the greater Washington DC area was visited by a living legend, an icon in the Rock Latino genre.  His first visit in over 15 year, Miguel Mateos played one of the premier club arenas in DC, The Fillmore Silver Spring.  The Fillmore is a great venue with an amazing sound system, spacious layout and chill vibe as soon as you step foot in the door.  As an avid concert-goer, The Fillmore has become one of my favorite venues in DC to go to general admission concerts and seated shows.


So, returning to that bucket list thing.  If you read my last Mateos related post, you can get a sense of how big of a show this night was going to be for me.  As a music junkie, it is hard to pick that one artist or band that is your “favorite”.  If I had to take essentials and pick only a handful of cd’s to listen for the rest of my life, one of his recordings would be on that list.  Not only was this a night I was looking forward to, but to actually have the opportunity to meet Miguel (thank you Kesta!) was a moment that will forever remember as a milestone.  With his insanely blue eyes and signature military-esque jacket, he stood and greeted us with an immense smile and “gracias por venir esta noche”.  It would be to state the obvious for me to say that I was nervous, excited and happy, so I will summarize yet again with a simple, Thank You Kesta for making this bucket list item happen!


The night kicked off to the opening riff of “Llámame Si Me Necesitas” which promptly got the crowd moving and cheering as soon as Miguel stepped on stage.  Tracks like “Mi Sombra En La Pared”, “Solos En América” and “Sin Pensar” were the selections played to start off the first half of the show.  Interspersing more up tempo songs with more mellow tracks seemed to be the pattern chosen by Miguel and his fellow musicians.

My biggest hope was to hear “Atado a Un Sentimiento”, “Es Tan Fácil Romper Un Corazón”, “Perdiendo El Control” and “Rey De Los Desposeídos”.  Those were the tracks on my dream setlist and to hear 2 out of 4 ain’t that bad.  I was amazed at the fact that despite of years of being in the business, massive touring and recording, his voice sounded just like it did on past studio recordings.

The crowd interacted with Miguel and the band for what felt like a low key exchange between friends.  Some of my favorite moments of the night were when he played the piano on “Es Tan Fácil Romper un Corazón” and when he got up close with the fans while singing “Desnúdame”.  The man has still got it.


Classics like “Lola”, “Cuando Seas Grande”, “Sin Pensar” and “Tira Para Arriba” also formed part of the night and were among the most enjoyed by those in attendance.

But how do you end a set like that you might ask.  Easy, you sing the bar hopping, lovesick and obsessive “Obsesión”, that will get everyone worked up, jumping, singing and having a blast.  And as El Jefe, so he did.  “Tu eres mi obsesión”.


Set List for Miguel Mateos:

Llámame si me necesitas

Mi sombra en la pared

Solos en América

Sin pensar

Cuando despierte mañana

Si Tuvieramos Alas


Desnúdame/Es tan fácil romper un corazón


Atado a un sentimiento

Cuando Seas Grande


Tira para arriba




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