Get Ready To Rock Out, Guanaco Style With Los Redd

Los Redd Arrive At The State Theatre


Directly from El Salvador, the brothers Diego and Luis Selva started Los Redd in 1992 and two decades later, they are still going strong.  Los Redd will be visiting the State Theatre on Friday, December 7 for a night of ska, pop and rock Latino.



Although their initial recordings were in English, the band later decided that they could better transmit their sound and craft their style in their native Spanish language.  This led to the recording and launch of over five consecutive Spanish language albums from 1997 to today.  Known for tracks like “Tipo Normal”, “Bolo y Solo”, “Miserias”, “Sentado al Revés” y “El Disfraz”, the band has crafted a niche with the younger generations of fans in their native El Salvador.  “El Corrido de los Red” has become an anthem for young Salvadorians across the globe.


Los Redd have successfully managed to fuse their punk and classic rock influences with genres like ska and Latin rock in a way that is unique to their style and sound.  Known for their live stage shows, clad with trombones, drums, trumpets, guitars and drums, Los Redd always deliver a stellar stage performance that never leaves anyone sitting down.


Tickets are now on sale online and at the box office at The State Theatre.



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