“Extra, Extra” Calling All Mateístas: Miguel Mateos

*Article written for Kesta Happening Magazine by Ellen Flores, The Incognito Latina*


This year, the DMV area has had a chance to see some of the some of the best acts within the Rock en Español music scene.  We’ve been lucky to receive artists like Spain’s own Jarabe de Palo, Argentinian music heroes Enanitos Verdes, Mexican Ska-Punk bands Panteon Rococo and Gran Silencio, and this month Enrique Bunbury. However, the year isn’t over yet and the DMV area is in for a treat with a visit by one of the biggest icons in the Ola de Rock Argentino; a patriarch in the Rock Nacional movement.  On November 21, the Fillmore Silver Spring will be host to the one and only Miguel Mateos!


Influencia Mateos

Miguel Mateos has been a name that has withstood the test of time. Spanning generations, countries and languages, he has managed to achieve what very few have; a chart topping, successful career that still to this day, allows him to sell out each venue he visits. What Miguel set out to do back in 1979 was to do music, never knowing that his compositions and arrangements would connect with generations of music lovers for years to come, and for that alone, we will be forever grateful for his music, his voice, and his stories.


Miguel Mateos has many, many career milestones. One of his biggest accomplishments was with his band Zas in 1981. Zas opened for British Rock legends Queen, at their three night soldout crowd of 150,000 people in Buenos Aires. Later on while touring, Miguel Mateos y Zas recorded Rockas Vivas, a live album that made record sales history in Argentina and is still the second top selling live album in the Rock Nacional genre. Rockas Vivas catapulted the charts with the crowd favorite “Tira Para Arriba”.  Following the success of the album, “Solos En America” was released featuring iconic tracks like “Cuando Seas Grande” and “Mi Sombra En La Pared”. The songs “Es Tan Fácil Romper Un Corazón” and “Llámame Si Me Necesitas” were covered by multiple artists, among them, the boy band sensation Menudo. Conscious of his success and position within the movement, Miguel Mateos opened the doors for a plethora of artists.  In his 1987 tour dubbed “Rock en Tu Idioma”, Caifanes and Maldita Vecindad were introduced to the world and launched their decade spanning careers. With this tour and the impact that Miguel had on the music scene, the press dubbed him as “El Jefe Del Rock En Español”.


Life After Zas

After finishing the “Rock En Tu Idioma” tour, Miguel released “Atado A Un Sentimiento”, his last album with Zas.  However, this was not the last we would hear of Miguel. His solo career later debuted with the release of “Obsesión”, which received support from MTV and brought him on his first tour of the United States. This album and tour were the final push that busted open the doors to the Rock En Español movement popularity in the U.S. After “Obsesión”, Miguel went on to have a record breaking solo career with multiple albums that pushed him to the top of the Latin Rock movement and charts.


Asamblea Mateísta

Touring in support of his latest album, Primera Fila, Miguel has revisited some of his classics and added new arrangements to update them and present them to new generations of fans. Much like the stories in Miguel’s compositions, my journey into the Mateo movement has a story of its own. Over twenty years later into his career, I discovered his sound his compositions and his voice. Even though his songs were written many years before my time, the connection I felt to his music rekindled my passion for the genre of rock en Español and turned me into a fullfledged, die hard Mateísta.


But I know what you are thinking. What is an “Asamblea Mateísta”? I define Mateísta as a music lover that is passionate for the lyrics, melodies and voice of Argentine rock icon, Miguel Mateos. If that description fits your profile, then I invite you to be present on November 21 at The Fillmore Silver Spring for the Miguel Mateos: Asamblea Mateísta that will take place here in the DMV. Grab your tickets and “¡tira para arriba!” because this will be a night to celebrate decades of stories, passion and above all, rock en tu idioma.


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