Cierre De Verano: Enanitos Verdes Play The Fillmore Silver Spring

“Trabajar como un negro, para vivir como un perro.

Dale, Pascual.”

Like many other bands I have seen this past year, last month the Enanitos Verdes graced the stage at the Fillmore Silver Spring, to bring us a night filled with Rock Nacional classics.  For many of us present, we had an opportunity to travel back in time and feel like we were kids again.  A time when my true priorities were to go to school, do homework and go to Casa de Los Tapes to find what cassettes had arrived that week.

Los Enanitos Verdes are one of the bands that have been most influential in my music journey.  Guarded as icons in their native Argentina, Los Enanitos Verdes are anything but little, much less, anything but little green men.  For me, they have been so influential because their sound has managed to progress, but stay true to their roots.  The songs are timeless and the lyrics are life stories to which we can all relate to.  And let’s face it, in my book, any lead singer that can also play bass guitar is granted serious bonus points (kinda like Geddy).

Anexo Social

The stage was set by Anexo Social.  A local DMV band that manages to blend rock, cumbia, reggae and subtleties of many genres into an amazing live show.  The choice to have Anexo open the show was a very smart move.  From their energetic set, my favorite song was “No Cambiaré”.   If you haven’t seen this band before, I highly suggest you catch one of their shows, and keep hydrated, you will be dancing all night with these guys!

Shortly after, and to a near close sold out crowd, the Enanos took the stage.  It is very, very rare for me to consider the highlight of the show the opening song, but yes, the Enanos played one of my all-time favorite songs of their catalog.  “Dale Pascual”, was the song with which they kicked off the night.  If this was just the beginning, I couldn’t wait for what was in store for the rest of the night.

Enanitos Verdes

For me, this song is one of their most underrated tracks, people seem to forget about this one but not me.  If you were at the show, and saw a girl in the front loosing her composure at the opening riff once the band got on stage, chances are you saw me.

Marciano, lead singer Enanitos Verdes

The show went on with classic after classic.  The pace was amazing and the song selection, impeccable.  Yes, you will find some that will say that they lacked some songs or some that should have been played in place of others, but for me, this set list was one of the best paced ones I have been fortunate enough to enjoy.  Classics like “Cordillera”, “Amores Lejanos”,”La Muralla Verde” and “Guitarras Blancas” were among those chosen.

Marciano, lead singer Enanitos Verdes

Marciano and Felipe still have that magic.  The magic combination of infectious guitar riffs, raspy vocals and heavy bass lines.  These guys are not band mates, they are brothers.  The synchronicity with which they play is a testament of their years on the road.  Decades later, you can still see the joy with which they perform night after night to crowds that are reliving a memory, traveling back in time and getting lost in the sounds that marked many moments in their lives.  It would be hard to disagree that for those present at the show, the high point of the night took place when the opening chords of  “Luz De Día” and “Lamento Boliviano” were played.  The crowd got to jumping, singing and united for a massive chorus to two timeless tracks in Latin Rock history.

Felipe, Enanitos Verdes

Enanitos Verdes

The Enanitos Verdes at the Fillmore Silver Spring was the perfect ending to the Latin Summer Concert Series.  A hot night filled with the sounds of multiple generations getting lost in the music.

* above video is for “Lamento Boliviano” *


3 thoughts on “Cierre De Verano: Enanitos Verdes Play The Fillmore Silver Spring

  1. Great article! Congrats!!! I’m a photographer and I’ve being taking photos of live concerts and pretty much everything in the past 5 years. I’m very interest in participating or being part of the incognito Latina. Looking forward to hear from you.

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