Poder Enano, Size Doesn’t Matter: Los Enanitos Verdes Are Anything But Little Green Men

In love.  Broakenhearted.  Infatuation.  Seduction.  Karaoke.  Happy Hour.  The common theme here?  Los Enanitos Verdes will likely be present for all of them.  If you are Latino, regardless of your life journey, country and even musical tastes, the Enanitos Verdes have been and will be part of your life soundtrack.

Hailing from the city of Mendoza in Argentina, the Enanitos Verdes have been together since 1979. Marciano Cantero lead singer and bass guitarist, guitarist Felipe Staiti and drummer Daniel Piccolo, got together and joined forces to form one of the most influential Spanish language rock trios in music history.  Fundamental to the Rock Latino sound, the Enanitos Verdes have become a rite of passage for every single one of us. It can’t be denied. When you’ve had your heart broken you blasted “Mi Primer Día Sin Tí” and belted out a heartfelt “oh oh o oh oh”. When you fell in love or rekindled a past romance, you hummed every single note of “Luz De Día” with your eyes closed reminiscing that special moment. On one of those late nights of bar hopping from happy hour to happy hour, you got up with a group of friends to karaoke “Lamento Boliviano” or “La Muralla Verde” and had a blast singing along.  That my friends, is what I call ¡Poder Enano!

To talk about all their career milestones would require an entire issue of Kesta Magazine. I think the best way to explain how influential they have been to the Latin Rock sound we know today, is to travel back to a moment in the late 1980s to the golden days of Argentina’s Rock Nacional music scene.

It was a time when bands like Soda Stereo and Zas (led by the ever poetic Gustavo Cerati and Miguel Mateos, respectively) were in their prime touring to legions of hungry fans. A time where musically, these artists were right at the crest of the Ola Argentina de Rock Latino.  The Enanitos Verdes were responsible for contributing timeless classic tracks, their simplicity in writing songs spoke about love, heartache, loss, and struggle. All themes that connected with people to their core. Marciano’s unique voice and Felipe’s riffs made their music sound uncomplicated yet passionate. This connection garnered them massive radio play in a time when there were huge political struggles and turmoil and little room for anything enjoyable. Songs like “La Muralla Verde” from the album Contrareloj and “Extraño Del Pelo Largo” off the Habitaciones Extrañas, both produced by Andrés Calamaro, gave people the chance to just have fun and relax.

After a hiatus, the band returned in 1994 with Big Bang, their most solid album to date. “Mejor No Hablemos de Amor”, “Mi Primer Día Sin Tí”, “Piel De Nopal” and “Lamento Boliviano” are just a few of the tracks on this landmark record. If you are in your mid 30s right now you’ll recognize songs like “Cordillera” and “Tequila” from 1999’s Nectar album. Younger generations will hold “Amores Lejanos” and “Frances Limón” from the Amores album (2002) as part of their soundtrack. Maybe even “Mariposas” from Pescado Original (2006) will have a place near and dear to their heart.

The point is this: the Enanitos Verdes have been able to do for Latin Rock what very few bands have, and that is to keep the movement alive and proving that we in fact do need more rock en nuestro idioma! They are still able to connect with audiences on a deep and personal level while still being true to their sound and style that got them first noticed over 30 years ago. Poignant lyrics and addictive melodies combined with their down to earth presence have kept them current, alive and connected with multiple generations of fans.

For those of us that live in the DMV, we will have a chance to embrace our Poder Enano on Tuesday, August 22 when the Enanitos Verdes play at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Grab your friends and join the Kesta Team for a night filled with the sounds of our youth en la voz de nuestro idioma nativo!

¡Arriba el Poder Enano!

View the August edition of Kesta Happening Magazine here:  http://issuu.com/kestahappening/docs/aug_web


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