It’s Not My Imagination: The Cranberries @ 9:30 Club

Dolores O’riordan, Lead singer for The Cranberries

Mea Culpa.  Mea Culpa.  It has been way past overdue to post this review.  I must admit, life has gotten in the way of keeping this blog updated.  None the less, this show was indeed another one for the bucket list.

Opening the show were the gentlemen from Vintage Trouble.  They got the crowd roaring from the get-go.  How these guys aren’t bigger is beyond me.  Swagger to spear and infectious energy that will surely have you swaying along.  If you ever have the chance to see them live, do it.  You won’t be disappointed, they ARE that good.  Check them out! I promise you will be hooked.

Minutes later, the time came to see one of 1990’s most iconic and recognized bands; The Cranberries.  The thing I love most about the 9:30 Club is that no matter where you stand, you are going to see and hear an amazing show and feel intimate with such amazing performers.  Once Dolores O’riordan stepped on stage I got goosebumps.  It was really happening, I am in the presence of this band and going to hear so many songs that were part of my musical upbringing and never even fathomed of being where I was standing in that moment.

To the tune of “Dreams” the night kicked off with impeccable acoustics and even more on point vocals.  Dolores’ voice sounded just as if though a CD was being played.  No dubbing here!  Those vocals were live, raw and flawless.  The entire band delivered a night of hits, memories and new music from their latest album Roses.

The night went on with hit after hit and the energy in the room was electric.  Some of the high points of the night for me were when the band played Linger, The Animal Instinct, Free To Decide, Salvation and of course, Zombie.  I left the club fulfilled and amazed that I had actually accomplished a dream that was such a dream it never even made my bucket list because it seemed as something so far beyond my reality that it would never happen; I would just have to settle for the music videos and CD’s.  The few occasions that they did play Puerto Rico, I was either not of age or had no means of transportation to get to the show, so now was my time to live the moment and see the band.

Props to the band for picking Vintage Trouble as the opening band and for their stamina to deliver an uninterrupted sold out show.  Those in attendance were mostly of the MTV generation; back when they actually played music, that came to experience the real thing live and in person.  I know I speak for all of us in attendance when I say that The Cranberries are still a force to be reckoned with.  And that, Is Not My Imagination.

Setlist For Washington D.C.:

Dreaming My Dreams
Animal Instinct
Just My Imagination
Ode To My Family
Put Me Down
Desperate Andy
When You’re Gone
I Can’t Be With You
Waltzing Back
Raining In My Heart
Free To Decide
Schizophrenic Playboys
Ridiculous Thoughts

Losing My Mind


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