Chile visits DC: Quique Neira at Liv Nightclub

Last month, Washingtonians got a taste of Chilean reggae roots super star, Quique Neira (ex Gondwana lead singer) at Liv Nightclub.  Though the show was light in attendance, those present were in for a night full of classic Reggae Latino anthems like “Sentimiento Original”, “Guerra” and one of my all-time favorites “Armonía de Amor”.

Opening the show was the local band Kickoman.  The boys did an amazing job at reving up the crowd and setting up the mood for what was a night filled with irie vibes.  After Kickoman’s set, Quique took to the stage and proved once again why he is such a respected voice within the genre.  Being a fan of Gondwana it was an amazing opportunity to be able to hear such iconic songs from THE voice of Gondwana.  The great thing about Liv Nightclub is that the venue allows for close personal interaction with the artists and allows for an intimate connection with everyone in the room.

Quique’s set was varied and very well paced.  From classics to newer tracks form his most recent album, Alma, the night flowed seamlessly.  Props to Quique for choosing to be accompanied by Puerto Rican reggae band, La Muza.  Their cover of Hector Lavoe’s “El Cantante” transportede me instantly to my hometown city of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

After the show, Quique stayed and signed autographs and took photos with the crowd; a gesture that is true to his giving and generous stage presence.  If anything will be remembered from this night, it is that the Washington DC crowd loves and supports reggae music.  Hopefully, this will spark another visit from Quique in the near future.

Jah bless!


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