Who said rock is dead?

For one night only, the State Theater will transform into the house of Rock Nacional Argentino to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Kesta Happening Magazine!  Apokalipsis Rock: Violadores, Ratones Paranoicos, & Riff will be THE show to see this month.  Michel Peyronel from Riff, Juanse from Ratones Paranoicos and Stuka from Violadores, will join forces to perform classics from all three legendary bands.

If you like The Sex Pistols or The Cure, then you will love Los Violadores. For years, frontman and bassist Stuka, has led the anti-establishment, anti-nonsense punk sound they are notorious for. Los Violadores were the first punk rock band to gain notoriety in Argentina. Their first album (selftitled) is still considered one of the most aggressive and important in the history of Argentinian rock music. Tracks like “Sucio Poder” and “Represión” perfectly frame the attitude, guts and vile that Los Violadores had back in the 1980’s.

Maybe metal is more your thing. Then I suggest a dose of Riff. Their most well known album is their first recording “Ruedas de Metal” which awakens the head banger in anyone; just listen to “Mucho por hacer” and “Rayo Luminoso”. If that doesn’t get your head banging and fists pumping, then I don’t know what will. Riff at one point in their career were close to being banned in Argentina. Blamed for inciting riots in the Obras stadium in 1983, Riff was dubbed as “la banda maldita”.  It wasn’t until the album VII that the band had a successful concert without any violent aftermath.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s remember Los Ratones Paranoicos and why they are so influential in music history.  Los Ratones Paranoicos are for many, the Argentinean leaders of the punk rock/post punk movement of the late 80’s. Juanse, Pablo Memi, Paul Cano and Ruben Quiroga formed the band in 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later endorsed by legendary rock god Charly García, Los Ratones went on to record numerous albums and remain one of the most well known punk bands in Latin America.  Throughout a career spanning 11 studio albums and over twenty-five years in the music business, Los Ratones have reminded us how potent a frontman with swagger to spare can be. When you think of the Ratones, I bet you instantly think of lead singer Juanse and his “Jagger-esque” persona -and for good reason too, since Juanse does have moves like Jagger.  Originally thought of as a Rolling Stones wannabe group, Los Ratones Paranoicos recorded their selftitled album in ‘86, which was far from sounding like the Stones.

In 1995, the Rolling Stones came to Buenos Aires and the Ratones were the opening act at the River Plate stadium, the concert sold-out a stadium capacity 80,000 people, for five nights in a row. Later that year, the band released a compilation album that summarized the first ten years of their career.  “Raros Ratones” had three unreleased tracks including: “Sucio Gas”, “Carol” and “Destruida Roll”.

After years of friendship and camaraderie, fate decided that it was time for these band members to unite and reminisce about the good ol’ days, while also offering new generations of a taste of rock and roll history.  For me, the Ratones bring me back to a time of great musical exploration and learning. When I was younger, summer break was usually spent with friends finding new bands to listen to. Songs like “Rock del Gato” and “Caballos de Noche” from the Furtivos (1989) album always remind me of these fun times.  No matter where you are now or where you are from, you owe it to yourself and our future generations to pass on these gems of Rock Nacional. I invite you to grab some friends –young and old- and come down to the State Theater on March 15 to enjoy a night of celebration, nostalgia and most importantly, a good dose of Rock Nacional!  ¡Que viva el rock!

For tickets to this event visit our partners:  www.tickeri.com.

To view the March edition of Kesta Happening Magazine, click on the link below:


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