Caramelos de Cianuro Entice with Sugar Laced Rock Memories

If you think about it, we all have experienced one amazing Verano, had some sort of adventure in a Sanitario and always look back to the Retrovisor that is life. If you don’t get it, let me lay it out for you. Caramelos de Cianuro, the Venezuelan power pop/Latin rock sensation, will be visiting the DC metro area on Thursday, December 8 at Liv nightclub and you should be there!

Whether you know them as the guys that sing that song about a chick called Verónica, or you are a fan since their debut in ‘91, Asier, Pavel, Dario and El Enano are rocking the world with kitschy and ironic songs one country at a time. For some, they are a guilty pleasure best kept hush-hush and for thousands of others around the world, the irresistible beats drive them in droves to see the Caramelos at a show.

Their beginning in Venezuela launched their first album Cuentos para Adultos (1993). In 1996 the band signed with Polygram and recorded Harakiri City. Several band changes occurred but the band’s recognition grew bigger and bigger on a national level and they began to tour as the opening act to Colombian Latin Rock royalty Aterciopelados. After the tour, they returned to the studio in 1999 to record their next album Miss Mujerzuela. In all honesty, I had never heard anything from Caramelos de Cianuro until Verónica hit the airwaves in Puerto Rico. This track was the one responsible for launching the band to international levels.

Riding the success from Miss Mujerzuela, Caramelos recorded their most successful album to date Frisbee (2002) -and the one that is closest to my heart due in large part to the memories that it triggers every time I hear it-. Sanitarios, Retrovisor and El Último Polvo were the top tracks from this album. Later in 2006 they went to Los Angeles, California to record Flor de Fuego, album that produced the singles Como Serpiente and No eres Tú.

Caramelos de Cianuro is their 7th and first self-titled album released in 2010 produced by Héctor Castillo. It was recorded between Venezuela and New York and is now reaching the US and Caribbean. With tracks like La Casa, 2 Caras 2 Corazones and Rubia Sol Morena Luna, Caramelos have returned home with their sound. This album is reminiscent of their first works by achieving a pace between the honest and the satire which seems to be the key to their style.

In Caramelos de Cianuro there are a couple of tracks that merit special attention, one of them is La Casa. It has the melodic Caramelos touch but also, a deep rooted view to their influences and life experiences. From a first love to a first kiss, La Casa travels through the emotions and feelings that we all go through when growing up and is beautifully depicted in the music video shot at the Los Roques archipelago in Venezuela. Flashback to old school CDC and you have 2 Caras 2 Corazones. This track is a smack in the face; it’s loud, proud and crazy. As soon as it begins you know it’s a tune from CDC with the hard pumping bassline and riffing guitar sounds, not to mention Asier’s unique vocal styling.

Whether you like to keep it hush-hush or throw it out there, I’m positive there is one song in particular you’d love to hear live; and soon enough you will get your chance. With this new record, the band has embarked on a massive promotional tour that has taken them through Latin America, Central America, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and shortly arriving in the US. Highlights of this promotional tour include a performance at the Pepsi Music Fanatismo XXL in Buenos Aires where they played alongside Bersuit Vergabarat and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They also played the Rola Fest in Miami with fellow Kesta DC sponsored artist Jarabe de Palo and Diego Torres.

As the DC scene prepares for the arrival of the Caramelos, I will take it upon myself to dust off my Caramelos CD collection and reminisce on simpler times back home in Puerto Rico when my high priority in life was to just have fun, hang out with friends and listen to some good tunes. I suggest you do the same, find your CD’s and turn it up. Go ahead; you know you want to rock those insane bass lines and guitar riffs that make all the girls “mover el vientre como serpiente.”

New Stuff: “Infierno VIP”

Classic:  “Sanitarios”


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