Fall is Officialy Here…

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, and my summer concert run has sadly ended.  There are still some great shows happening like: Gianmarco on Oct. 20 @ The StateHenry Santos form Aventura on Oct. 28 at Cococabana and Hector Acosta “El Torito” on Nov. 4 at Cococabana.  Just another reason why you should “Like” Kesta.

My morning commute to work got me thinking back to all the great shows I’ve seen in the last 7 months; beginning with Juanes at the Patriot Center in April and ending with Vilma Palma at Jaxx in September.  Along the journey, I got the opportunity to see Diego TorresManá and Molotov but somehow, this morning all I could hear in my mind was ¿Y ahora qué hacemos? by Jarabe de Palo.

Maybe it’s the relaxed and chill vibe the song has.  Maybe it’s the magic that fall brings, or maybe the day is just perfect for being outside or driving down winding roads with the windows down and listening to this song. Regardless, I am declaring that Jarabe de Palo has been my favorite show this summer.  Having the chance to see them up close and in such a great venue like The State Theater, was an amazing experience.

If you haven’t seen Jarabe live, next time they come to your neighborhood make the effort to go, you won’t be disappointed!

What’s next for me?  Well, easy!


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