Jarabe de Palo Plays The State

The Spanish fire arrives in Virginia

Jarabe De Palo Visits The State Theater

Pau Donés, Jarabe de Palo

The warm summer air surrounded the sidewalks adjacent to The State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia, on Thursday night.  It was almost as though mother nature was giving all the fans waiting in line a preview of the fire that would be burning inside the venue in just a few hours.
Ocho de Bastos
The fire-starters, Ocho de Bastos, did the job.  They lit the spark by playing a short punch packed set.  Just what everyone needed after waiting to get in.  From their set list, it’s worth mentioning their original track, Se Te Fue La Guagua.  A very catchy, upbeat, Latin rock song that got everyone singing the chorus by the second go around.  Keep an eye out for these boys, they are up and coming in the DC scene, and for good reason!
As the crew prepared the stage, the crowd began to cheer and call for Jarabe De Palo.  The moment was here as soon as lead singer, Pau Donés, crossed the stage.  The show began to the tune of three of their newest tracks: ¡Yep!Para Enredar, and Alas.  Though they weren’t probably as known as the band may have expected, that did not take away from the crowd’s energy.
This was Jarabe’s first visit to the Virginia, they were very adamant that it certainly wouldn’t be their last because they gave everyone in attendance a reason to keep coming back.  Jarabe was genuine, solid, and crowd pleasing.  The set list was clever because they covered each phase of their recording career; beginning with the newer tracks and progressed from classics like Depende, to their most recent hits like La Quiero A Morir.  Even tracks like Agua from the unique and lesser known Orquesta Reciclando album, which is all about updated versions of their classics, was included in the performance.

This selection generated a smartly paced performance.  The high points of the night were reached with the lighthearted dance and pop sounds of Bonito, and the timeless iconic 90’s track La Flaca, with which they exited the stage to a roaring crowd begging for more.


“Busco un lugar en esta ciudad,
donde esconderme de la corriente que me lleva. […] Ven a mi cama, duerme conmigo, entra en mis sueños porque hace tiempo que me he perdido.  Ven a mi cama; duerme conmigo.”  With these lyrics, Jarabe returned to Duerme Conmigo.

Ask anyone that attended the show which was the crowning moment, they would all answer Grita. The most euphoric song of the night.  Grita, summarized the musical adventure these Spaniards brought to the State Theater on Thursday night.  After Grita, all that was left to do was to dance! And that’s exactly how the band exited the stage to a quirky, unique and catchy choreography to disco pop music and LED heart shaped sunglasses.

jarabe finale

Jarabe de Palo at the State Theater was a successful concert on all levels; sales, sound, and connection with the audience.  My most sincere congratulations to the bands and production staff both at Kesta Happening and The State Theater on such a wonderful night filled with energy and fire.

Jarabe De Palo Set List for July 7, 2011 at The State Theater (Falls Church, VA):

  • ¡Yep!
  • Para Enredar
  • Alas
  • ¿Y Ahora Qué Hacemos?
  • Depende
  • Breve Historia Musico…
  • Hice Mal Algunas Cosas
  • Lado Oscuro
  • Soy Un Bicho
  • Frio
  • Dejame Vivir
  • Agua
  • La Quiero A Morir
  • Avisa A Tu Madre
  • Fin
  • El Bosque De Paco
  • No Suelo Compararme
  • Bonito
  • Flaca
  • Duerme Conmigo
  • Grita



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